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IT Jobs in India

Considered as one of the fastest growing IT industry, IT sector in India employs millions of IT professionals besides other people. The most of part of India’s IT service is offered to overseas clients located in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and other European countries. The country earned US$60 billion last years and by the year 2020, the amount is expected to rise up to US$225 billion. The fundamental reason behind the growth of IT is talent pool of India.

Career in IT Sector

Not other branch of engineering has attracted and influenced youngsters as has software technology. Post-liberalization India has emerged as a leader in IT industry thanks to its software developers. Career in IT can be made after doing B.Tech or BCA or MCA in computer science which are offered by various IITs, NITs, Universities and regional engineering colleges. After completing the course candidates can move to IT cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Pune, etc.

A course in computer science enables candidates to explore a job as software programmers, trainee software developers, Consultants, software development fresher, etc. He can then work in Application Programming, Client Server, DBA, Ecommerce or Internet or ERP or CRM jobs, etc. Those who are qualified in hardware can work as network engineers or system administrators. Testing, System Programming, SAP, Java Developer, software Design Engineer, website Design Developer, etc. are some other jobs in IT industry.

Hot Jobs in IT India

After the emergence of internet and search engines, Search Engine Optimization has become a lucrative career option for millions of non-technical candidates. IT jobs in India such as Software Development, Hardware Management and System Design, Analysis or DBA, etc. are being considered high paying and attractive. In IT industry of India a candidate with apt qualification and talent can get to work with branded IT firms and can shine his career.

Major IT companies have their software development centers outside India too and send their employees to work. Candidates are paid extra for staying overseas which is one attractive part of software engineering job in India. Closely associated with the growth of India’s economy, IT output accounts for a 5.9% of the country's GDP. Most of the part of the earning comes from export of IT services to overseas clients.

City Centric IT Jobs in India

One draw back of IT jobs is that these are centered around the metro cities which only worsen the situation in already crowded cities. IT industry in India which provides 2.3 million jobs to people could be even more useful if it could be diverted to small cities where job options are limited or hardly available. This will not only help in curtailing migration from small cities to large cities but also enhance equitable development of the country.

Remuneration packages for IT professionals

Depending upon the college or institutes candidates earn their salaries in the beginning. However, after working for 2-3 years, a professional can determine his destiny and earn any salary he wishes within a limit. Moreover, Rs.8000-10000 at the entry level IT job is common. Those who are from top IT colleges and institutes even earn a salary of Rs.20000-25000 per month. Therefore, it is a fact that the college matters a lot in determining the first salary of IT job.

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