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Government Jobs in India

A common belief in India is that government jobs are safe, secure and lot better than high paying corporate jobs. Generally, government jobs in India are filled through various exams conducted by UPSC, SSC, SSB, and some other governmental agencies, these bodies recruit for central government. On the other hand, state governments hire candidates through their own examinations which are held by state boards of public service commission.

Then judicial services are managed by state governments which recruit various judicial functionaries through state wide judicial exams. UPSC and other central bodies recruit candidates for various ministries and departments, nationalized banks, Indian Army, Navy and Air Force, etc. Some other recruiters in government sectors are Nationalized Cooperative Banks, Strategic Govt. Undertakings, Govt. Oil companies, Steel Gas Engineering PSUs, Indian Mining, Govt. Power Companies, PSU Telecom Companies, etc.

Attraction in Government Jobs in India

Government job in India have been the most favorite among youngsters for the reason that these jobs offer security which has become a scarce commodity in corporate jobs, particularly after the recession everyone wishes to work for government. The recession shows a lot about vulnerability of private sector and insecurity of jobs in corporate world. Those looking for safe and secure jobs, government jobs are ideal and preferred one.

However, after the policy of liberalization and privatization there are not many jobs in government sector and whatever jobs are remaining they are being reserved for backward section of people. Therefore, looking into the current situation it seems hard to get a government job. Nevertheless trying for a government job can never be useless as once one has got one, he is secured for the life time and will enjoy the fruits ever after.

Hot Jobs in Government Sector

Bank jobs, railway jobs, administration jobs, judicial jobs, academic jobs, etc. can be considered hot favorite among youngsters. After sixth pay commission and its implementation benefits such as accommodation, TA, DA, etc. are so attractive in government jobs that everybody wants to work for government sector. Higher level jobs such IAS, IPS, IFS, Judicial services, etc. nevertheless offer most attractive salaries and other advantages than other jobs.

Despite the reduction in number of government jobs, attraction for the same among aspirants has not diminished and every year the number of aspirants is increasing. Information about government jobs can be obtained through ‘Employment News’ which is a governmental weekly gadget. The newspaper publishes information on various jobs in various departments of government and other allied services of government sector.

Another major attraction in government sector is that labor and employees’ rights are protected and governed by the statutory law which is not the case in corporate world where an employee can be terminated after showing a notice and this makes situation difficult for employees and they feel insecure and unstable. Nevertheless people from reserved class can have plenty of opportunities in government jobs as there are huge reservations allotted to various categories of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes as well as other backward class.

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