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Originated on the name of Brit queen Elizabeth 1, who was also named as virgin queen, Virginia is supposed to be the most naturally abundant place of America. One among the most balanced state in financial aspects; it was listed by Forbes magazine as the beast state in America in business. A home to maximum wealthiest counties, it is headquartering seventeen fortune listed companies in all around the world. With the top position in availability of technology workers, it is listed among twenty-two best working place around the globe.

The state employs more than 4 million people and its major export is connected with the export of computer chips. Its other exports belong to the export of coal and tobacco, which respectively relates to mines and agriculture.

Nevertheless, the state has the reputation of dairy capital of America but nowadays it is the booming city of software, communication technology and consulting organisations. Military installation also helps in enhancement of the economy of Virginia

Virginia is now turning to be the city of technocrats of the world. Inviting resumes from all around the planet, the city provides job opportunities, which are amalgamated with impeccable growth chances.

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