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State of Louisiana is quietly sitting amid Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico. The state mainly deals with seafood, cotton, soybeans, cattle, sugarcane, poultry and eggs, dairy products, food processing, transportation equipment including the production of papers. Tourism is another pulsating sector.

Louisiana is considered as the biggest producer of crawfish in the world. Louisiana port is a massive port that offers jobs to numerous people. It is the fourth largest port of the world.

This American state is a favored destination for job seekers from all around the world as it offers a very small bracket of tax. The tax range varies between 2% to 6%. Its major job platforms are respectively livestock department, agrarian department, shipping, tourism sector and film industry. The state also hosts various events such as world cultural economic forum every year, which involves numerous people.  Hence, there is no scarcity of jobs in Louisiana.

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