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IT Jobs in Singapore

IT jobs in Singapore attract talented professionals from around the globe for they are high paying and offer lucrative working conditions. As the economy of Singapore is a developed and has highly developed state capitalist mixed economy, opportunities for growth are extremely attractive. Moreover, while government intervention in the market is kept at a minimum, the state controls and owns firms that comprise at least 60% of the GDP through government entities including of sovereign wealth fund Temasek amongst others.

Hot IT jobs in Singapore

Major attractive and hot IT jobs in Singapore are in IT companies in Singapore such as Greshmann Networking Pte Ltd, KooBits Pte Ltd, OPUS IT Services Pte Ltd, Orandis Global Procurements, Datacraft, ECS Holdings Limited, ETact Solutions Pte Ltd and many others. Notwithstanding, these companies offer attractive working conditions and high paying IT jobs in Singapore. Whilst it is praiseworthy to see efforts to promote the Singaporean biotechnology sector, the IT sector remains large and could benefit from public-private sector efforts.

IT in Singapore

IT industry in Singapore is vibrant and a key contributor to its economy as revenues for the sector is more than S$58.1 billion. Moreover, the revenue is just a representation of a 12.4 per cent growth from 2007 to 2008 and more potential can be observed in coming years. The Accenture's e-government study, "Leadership in Customer Service: Delivering on the Promise", places Singapore 1st among 22 countries, ahead of Canada and the United States of America.

IT sector in Singapore

IT companies in Singapore are known for their competitiveness, productivity and transforming business processes and for that reason the country has its presence in the top three positions in the World Economic Forum’s Global IT Report. Numerous technology companies have made Singapore a key node in their global network which shows that the country’s strategic position to be a global IT hub has some strength in it and Singapore is an IT power to reckon with.

Top IT companies in Singapore

Leading IT companies in Singapore including of Abacus International Pte Ltd are known for grandeur. Abacus International is Asia's leading travel & leisure facilitator, with 15,000 agency locations in 24 markets in the Asia Pacific. Moreover, it offers software products (Abacus GetThere, Hotel, FareX, SmartPrice etc, etc. which are being used in ticketing, booking, CRM and many others. Similarly, BT Frontline Pte Ltd is another IT company in Singapore which offers IT consulting, IT infrastructure, IT security solutions, enterprise application solutions, system integration, etc.

M.Tech is another attractive option to work in IT sector in Singapore as it has offices in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and considered as a leading regional IT security solutions distributor. The company deals in Internet security services & solutions and offers its services to Nokia, Check Point, RSA Security etc. Similarly, Web Synergies is another major IT job provider in Singapore which offers its services in multimedia, wireless & web development, electronic commerce, hosting & Internet applications, etc. IBM Singapore Pte Ltd is known for offering jobs in creating, developing, and manufacturing computer systems, software, networking & internet security systems, point-of-sale (POS) systems, etc.

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