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Engineering Jobs in Singapore

The modern and fashionable look of Singapore shows that the country has an advanced engineering infrastructural support. Moreover, as Singapore is a global city, several business and employment opportunities are created to encourage more talent and investment into the island nation. Youngster in the country look for engineering jobs which are amongst the most frequented one.

The country has numerous engineering colleges and universities which offer cutting edge engineering education to students. Engineering jobs in Singapore are growing in leaps and bounds as new engineering firms are coming up in big way. Local as well as international job seekers are looking forward to the available engineering jobs in Singapore.

Eligibility for Engineering Jobs

Though available in plenty, engineering jobs in Singapore require from a candidate to have technical qualification. In order to land up with good engineering jobs in Singapore a candidate require to be a graduate or post-graduate in the respective field of engineering. Similarly, for international job seekers, a valid work permit is required to work in an engineering firm in Singapore. Moreover, current state of job search in Singapore is being made easy as several job search websites which one can browse through help a lot to candidates. .

Engineering Colleges in Singapore

National University of Singapore is a globally known engineering college in Singapore which offers various courses in the fields of Engineering such as Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Engineering Science, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Bioengineering, Computer Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Engineering & Technology Management, etc.

Nanyang Technological University and Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences are the two most reputed engineering institutes in Singapore. The engineering institutes in Singapore possess pilot facilities, laboratories and excellent infrastructure. With modern R&D facilities, engineering institutes in Singapore produce fabulous results in disciplines such as Applied Catalysis, Crystallization and Particle Science, Industrial Biotechnology, New Synthesis Techniques and Applications, etc.

Top Engineering Jobs in Singapore

Singapore engineering institutes are affiliated with some of the renowned educational institutions of Europe and USA. Moreover, more than 7,000 foreign MNCs and some 10,000 foreign Small and Medium Enterprises are located in Singapore and the island state has been accredited to providing the highest quality of life for expatriates in Asia and that may be a reason that Singapore is considered one of the best places to work in.

Hot Engineering Jobs in Singapore.

Candidates looking for engineering jobs in Singapore can explore several opportunities in segments such as Senior Firmware Engineer /Senior Software Engineer, Network Engineer, Process Engineer, IDMS Data Engineer/RCM/RBI, Electrical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Marine Engineer, SAP Consultant, SAP Basis Consultant, Technical Support Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Design Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Oracle PL/SQL Developer, Database Administrator, etc.

Engineering Companies in Singapore

Several engineering companies in Singapore offer lucrative job openings in different areas of engineering. Some top engineering companies in Singapore such as Lipico Technologies Pte Ltd, United Engineers Ltd, SembCorp Industries Ltd, Tuas Power Ltd, Comtel Solutions Pte Ltd, Perafel Solderfield Pte Ltd, Glosap PrimeFlux Engineering Pte Ltd, International Application Solutions Pte. Ltd and many others are known for offering attractive engineering jobs in Singapore

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