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Management Jobs in France

Students passing from the top notch management colleges in France find place in excellent range of management jobs in France. Business study programs in France are popular for the reason that they impart comprehensive management knowledge to student which helps them suitable jobs in job market of France. Most business schools in France offer two years Master in Management Program which is taught in English or French language

Management Education in France

Language is not a problem for international students as most of the management colleges in France offer bilingual programs wherein a candidate either can study in French medium or in English medium. However, knowledge of any four languages is needed at the time of graduation. Similarly, some management colleges in France offer a full time one-year program for the candidates who have a minimum three years of work experience.

Hot Management Jobs in France

Various IT firms, engineering organizations, consultancies, etc. offer hot management jobs in France to candidates. Though a degree or diploma is essential to get a hot management job in France, candidates with work experience always have upper hand in fetching a management job in France. Commercial organizations and corporate firms prefer candidates who have some kind of exposure to corporate management.

Eligibility to get a management job in France

Eligibility criteria vary from the organization to organization. A finance organization may prefer a candidate having a qualification in finance; a HR consultancy may prefer a candidate having a qualification in HR management and so on. Various courses offered by the Business Schools in France, however, high market value courses such as International MBA, Part Time MBA, etc. help candidates get a suitable management job in France.

Additionally, Master of Science of Management, Master’s in European Business, Specialized Masters in Management, Executive Management and many more are extremely popular. The management education programs concentrates on business development and understanding of modern day market requirements.

Prominent Business Schools in France

France is home to some of the best management institutes of Europe and some popular business schools in France such as CEFA, Group ESC Reims, CEMHI, Centre European de Management Hotelier International, Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University, and ENPC School of International Management are known globally for their excellent management education and faculty. Moreover, the MBA programs in France are internationally recognized.

Practical experience is given utmost importance in management colleges in France and students are offered the opportunity of spending a significant period of time e.g. 3 months to one year of their studies in a partner institution abroad. Moreover, the inventory today shows an average of 35-40 academic partnerships per school. Similarly, from 1980 onwards efforts are being to allow foreign students partly or fully participating to the program proposed by the school.

Management jobs in France in MNCs

Various IT firms, chemical industries, consultancies, mining companies, etc. offer attractive management jobs in France. Some successful companies in France such as Total SA, AXA, Carrefour SA, Vivendi, EDF SA, Peugeot SA, Orange, France Télécom, Suez Environnement SA, Saint Gobain, Renault SA, ITM Entreprises SA, Auchan, Crédit Agricole, Veolia Environnement, CNP (Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance), Alcatel Lucent, Air France, Vinci, etc. are known to offering hot management jobs in France.

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