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IT Jobs in France

IT jobs in France, a country included among the most developed countries in the world are extremely lucrative and high paying. The French GDP per capita is similar the GDP per capita of other comparable European countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom and that may be a reason that it attracts IT professionals from around the globe. After the successful process of globalization, human resource available around the globe has been integrated and IT companies in France use the same for their utmost benefit.

Eligibility for IT jobs in France

Like any other sector, IT industry too requires a candidate to have professional qualification in IT and must have passed a certification course or degree course from a reputed institute located either in France or some other country. Stress is given on the practical training of the IT. IT industry in France plays crucial role in the overall growth of economy. .

According to various sources GDP per capita is determined by productivity per hour worked and the same is the highest of the G8 countries. Despite the fact that French people do not have leverage of speaking in English, language has never been an obstacle in the growth and development of IT industry in France.

Economy of France

France is a crucial member of the G8 group which is an organization to promote business and trade among eight most developed nations in the earth. It is ranked as the fifth largest economy by nominal GDP. However, it is import and export which matters a lot in the economy of the country and according to the WTO, France was the 6th largest exporter and 5th largest importer of manufactured goods. Export and import plays crucial role in the economy of France.

France joined 11 other EU members to launch the euro on 1 January 1999 so that the economy of the whole continent can be improved and upcoming challenges arising from the globalization process can be faced. IT industry in France plays crucial role and the country has for long been receiving a lot of FDI, and in 2008, it ranked 3rd in the world among the OECD countries. France has handled the whole episode of recession in successful manner than other European countries.

IT Companies in France

France houses a number of IT companies which generate millions of IT jobs in France. Some major IT companies in France such as Thomson SA, Ankama Games, Ateme, Auralog, Business Objects (company), Dassault Systèmes, Digital Airways, Dmailer, DxO Labs, Esterel Technologies, Genostar, GRAITEC, IMDS Group, Intego, J2S, Kineo CAM, Kynogon, MEGA International, Mandriva, Mondeca, etc. are known to offering attractive salary packages and ideal working conditions to software professionals.

Some other IT companies in France including of Myriad Group, Nekeme Prod, ORSYP S.A, Odisei, OpenPlug, PathEngine, Pentalog, Prelytis, Qosmos, Sunopsis, Systancia, Trace One, Trango Virtual Processors, ULLINK, Valtech, Viadeo, Virtools and many others provide excellent working conditions to people who are working in the these firms. Notwithstanding, all major IT jobs in France are based on the domain knowledge and technical skills.

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