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Agriculture Jobs in UK

Despite the receding importance of agriculture in the economy of United Kingdom, agriculture jobs are attractive and high paying. Agriculture occupies much of the United Kingdom's land area; even then it does not generate proportionate income to national GDP. However, agriculture in UK is known for high inputs such as skilled farmers, high technology, fertile soil and subsidies, etc. Despite all the advantages farm earnings are low and falling.

Scope of Agriculture Jobs in UK

As situation is not as rosy as other sectors in the UKís economy, agriculture sector nevertheless offers attractive options for laborers from South Asia, particularly for India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Shri Lanka, etc. People from the Indian subcontinent have experience in working in fields and can generate lot more positive changes in agri business of UK. UK requires lot more production of grains as it is feeling a shortage in it. The country produces less than sixty percent of the food it eats.

Whereas local people are leaving the agriculture based jobs, people from developing countries have lots of hope from the fields of UK. Positive changes are being observed in farming sector of UK where agriculture has been the base of economy for nearly six millennia. Agriculture professionals in UK are resilient and adaptable who can bring positive outlook to the entire community of farming. Moreover, migrant workers from Asia and Africa are welcomed to work in the fields of UK.

Hot Agriculture Jobs in UK

The UK has an area on agricultural holdings which is about 17,500,000 hectares of which 6,200,000 hectares is croppable where multiple crops can be done. Moreover, about half the croppable area is devoted to cereal crops of which wheat forms more than half share in it. Besides, poultry and husbandry are the other segments of agriculture in UK which have lots of potential as there are about 32 million sheep, 10 million cattle, 9.6 million poultry and 4.7 million pigs.

As there has been increased awareness about the harms of chemical based agriculture, an effort is being made to do organic farming. Now, in order to sustain in agriculture sector, farmers are attempting to supplement their income by diversifying activities away from pure agriculture. Increasing prices of fossil fuels forces farmers to think of biofuels which is a cheap alternative. Biofuels not only give energy security but also are environment friendly.

Attractions in Agriculture Jobs in UK

Farmers in UK understand that they have to play crucial role in the economy of the country and for that they cannot let lose control on the agriculture which serves as the base of any economy and its growth. Though the high cost of entry into farming presents a significant barrier, new entrants from the developing countries such as India have lot more to offer in the form of cheap labor. Farming is intensive and highly mechanized in the country.

Falling short of its own requirement of grain and other agri products, the country is trying to meet the challenge of infeasibility in agriculture and new initiatives to promote it on large scale are being taken by various government bodies. Moreover, heavy subsidies are being given to farming which now even has reached to £3.64 billion.

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